Ruidoso Mountain View Cabins Departure Procedures

Departure procedures for our cabin rental in Ruidoso NM

Easy Peasy Departure List

So you too can get a 5 star ⭐🌟⭐🌟⭐ guest review! 

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  1. Remove everything from frig and freezer.
  2. Take all trash to dumpster on street - Do not leave in house 
  3. Leave the beds as slept in. 
  4. Put all towels in entry hall on floor at washer and dryer door 
  5. Load and run the dishwasher. Don't unload it. Hand wash any dishes that do not fit into the dishwasher.   
  6. Put deck chairs back around tables if you moved them around. 
  7. Set thermostat HEAT to 60 in winter, COOL to 80 in Summer
  8. Be sure to close and LOCK all exterior doors.
  9. Turn off all lights. Except at the front porch, which says Leave On
  10. Place remotes near the TV for the next guest to locate them easily. 
  11. Be sure to log out of YOUR TV apps before you leave. 

We enjoyed having you as our guest and hope that you will come back and stay with us again



Safe travels home! 


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