Ruidoso Mountain View Cabins Departure Procedures

Departure procedures for our cabin rental in Ruidoso NM

Ruidoso Mountain View Cabins

Departure Procedures for refund of Deposit for Cabin Rental in Ruidoso

1. Please throw away any brought in food from the fridge/freezer, leave it completely empty.

2. Take all trash from inside home to dumpster in the neighborhood. Dumpsters are located at the end of the streets. 

3. Don’t make the beds you slept in, leave them unmade, our house cleaners will take care of laundering and changing sheets. 

4. Please bring all dirty towels, washcloths, and hand towels to the utility room and leave on the floor.

5. Load and turn on the dishwasher. You don’t have to stay to unload it. Hand wash any dishes that do not fit into the dishwasher. 

6. Fireplace - if used - if not skip to number 7 . Remove all ashes from fireplace and dispose of them into a garbage bag and put in the dumpster. You can use the dustpan in the utility room to scoop out the ashes. Obviously do this when the fire is out and cooled. FAILURE TO CLEAN FIREPLACE WILL RESULT IN A $25 CHARGE BY OUR CLEANERS WHICH WE WILL DEDUCT FROM YOUR DEPOSIT, unless you have pre-paid for the fireplace cleaning. 

7. Put deck chairs back around tables if you moved them to another place. 

8. Turn off all the lights. 

9. Turn thermostat MODE to HEAT, at 60 during the winter and 80 in COOL MODE during the summer. ALWAYS HAVE THE FAN SET TO AUTO! 

10. Put the cover back on the BBQ pit. 

11. Be sure to put security stick back into patio door track and lock it as well.

12. Put house manual back on island. 

13. Lock all doors including the front door. 

14. Be sure to shut the screen door all the way on your way out. 

Safe travels home! 


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